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Heute fast alles immer noch in der iTunes für Windows Nachlese: Neue Supportseiten bei Apple, Belkin stellt FAQs zum neuen Voice Recorder/Media Reader und diverse iTunes Reviews. Details gibt es beim Weiterlesen:

Apple hat nun auch zwei iTunes Support Seiten online gestellt, eine für Windows, eine für OS X.

Belkins FAQ zu Voice Recorder und Media Reader.
(via macrumors)

"The downloads have been going full tilt constantly," said Peter Lowe, Apple's director of marketing for applications and services. "We've been delivering a lot of Windows software over the last 24 hours." Mehr bei CNET.

Weitere Reaktionen zu iTunes für Windows bei ars.technica:
"Of course, I'm writing this on my G5 1.8GHz, so I'm not necessarily the most true blue Windows user in the world, but there are a few things that I think Apple can do relatively easily to make iTunes itself much more attractive on Windows. First, there's no dynamic tagging feature in iTunes. I should be able to select any file in my library and have iTunes go out to the Internet, grab all of the ID tag info, plus the album art, and update my file. MusicMatch, WinAmp, and Windows Media Player all do this (MusicMatch's SuperTagging is flat-out awesome). From a management standpoint, a really useful library tool needs to be able to take clues from file names, incomplete tags, etc., and update information by querying an online database."
und Macworld UK:
"But with iTunes Windows users get a very special tool that brings a little Apple elegance into their lives – and that can only be a very good thing indeed."
Und natürlich auch bei ./ :
"Steve Jobs claims that iTunes is the best software ever written for Windows. It's certainly the best music player/Jukebox ever written for Windows. I don't know that any of the others can match it, feature for feature."

Der New Scientist sieht neue Gefahren aufkommen:
"Apple's successful music download service iTunes faces a new threat of misuse now that it has been extended to include users of Microsoft's Windows operating system, say experts.
The threat comes from the combination of the relatively light copy protection iTunes uses and the big increase of potential hackers that comes with opening up to the world's most common operating system."

MS entdeckt wundersamerweise das Wörtchen 'choice':
"Unless Apple decides to make radical changes to their service model, a Windows-based version of iTunes will still remain a closed system, where iPod owners cannot access content from other services. Additionally, users of iTunes are limited to music from Apple's Music Store. As I mentioned earlier, this is a drawback for Windows users, who expect choice in music services, choice in devices, and choice in music from a wide-variety of music services to burn to a CD or put on a portable device. Lastly, if you use Apple's music store along with iTunes, you don't have the ability of using the over 40 different Windows Media-compatible portable music devices. When I'm paying for music, I want to know that I have choices today and in the future."
Ganze Meldung und passender Kommentar bei macobserver.com:
"The subheading for PressPass is "Information for journalists." This nonsense is aimed at journalists too lazy to do their own homework, and any journalists who buys the information provided by this "interview" without getting another opinion is a tool. Of course, the very notion of Microsoft interviewing a Microsoft executive is patently absurd, as well as being very unprofessional.
Can you imagine Apple interviewing Apple VP Phil Schiller for some answers on why QuickTime is a better media player for Mac users than WMP? It would be laughed off the Internet. Then again, we are laughing at this."
Diskussion dazu auch bei ./

"In its infancy, Apple's music strategy was really more about converting Windows users to the Mac," said Jupiter analyst, Joe Wilcox. "But the success of iPod and the iTunes Music Store has made Mac conversion much less important. Music represents an important new line of business for Apple -- the volumes that could make or break the business are on Windows. That's not to say music is no longer a good way to win converts. On the contrary, the more popular the iPod and music store are, the more Windows users that will be exposed to Apple products. The more people that have good experiences with Apple music products, the more that could eventually switch to the Mac." Analystenreaktion bei maccentral.

Ein 'Text-Mitschnitt' der per iChat AV geführten Gespräche mit Bono, Dr. Dre und Mick Jagger bei macobserver.com:
"The biggest laughs came when Bono followed up those comments by saying, "That's why I'm here to kiss the corporate ass, and I don't kiss every corporate ass." The crowd laughed, and Bono then asked Mr. Jobs "How do you like 'the Dalai Lama of Integration?" Jobs paused and said very dryly, "Well, take care."

"The iPod makes money. The iTunes Music Store doesn't. ... Just trying to have a business around downloadable music would be tough", so Phil Schiller gegenüber CNET.

iTunes 4.1, die Neuigkeiten in der Knowledge Base. Dabei unter anderem:
"Drag a web page from the iTunes Music Store to a document or email", sehr nett und es gibt auch zusätzlich einen iTunes Link Maker.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
10/19 Napoleon's beaten army begins the long retreat from Moscow, 1812
(So einfach ist das).

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