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Heute unter anderem: Zwei Vorabberichte zu Panther, welches offensichtlich Longhorn frühstückt; weitere Benchmarks der aktuellen PowerBooks und ein zweifelhafter Athlon 64 gegen G5 Test. Die Details gibt es beim Weiterlesen...

Bei macosXrumors wird über eine Woche mit 7B85 (höchstwahrscheinlich die Panther Final) berichtet, dabei vor allem interessant:
"An auto-completion feature that works on any application has been added to the system. To activate it, just type anywhere you want the beginning of a word, push option-esc, select the word you want on a menu of choices then push tab to validate."
Ansehen kann man sich das bei macplus.net (46KB .jpg).

Auch bei osnews.com freut man sich über 10.3: "To put a long story short, I love Panther. It has a few problems as I outlined above, but overall, this is a great update. It is a worthy operating system, easy to use, easy to set up, easy to get pleased by it. It just works. In my opinion, the only true desktop alternative to Windows is Mac OS X today, not Linux (not yet at least)."

Bei eWeek fragt man sich, ob Panther nicht vielleicht Longhorn frühstückt: "I would have said, a few months ago, that we should wait to compare Apple's improvements against the next-generation Windows UI, part of the package of new technologies whose "Longhorn" code name once suggested a powerful stampede--but whose leisurely pace now seems more like that of placidly grazing cash cows. By the way, be warned: a well-placed Longhorn source at Microsoft assures me that the various previews seen so far of the "Aero" look and feel are "not even close" to what the final product will feature."

Die Macworld biete einen weiteren guten Artikel zu den 'Tiefen' von OS X (es gab bereits eine gute Tippliste, auch bei mir verlinkt): "Catalog the component parts of the human body, and you'll find items whose occupation is unclear -- the spleen, baby toe, and uvula come to mind. So, too, does Mac OS X contain elements with functions that aren't easily defined. With that in mind, let's explore some underilluminated aspects of OS X, such as services, invisible database files, and shuffled iMovie export options. To round things out, I correct lopsided sound, push the envelopes, and counsel a family in need."

Und im Labor der Macworld die aktuellen PowerBooks mit nicht uninteressanten Testergebnissen: "The one interesting result was the MPEG-2 compression test. The 15-inch Titanium PowerBook took nearly 3 minutes longer to complete this task than both the new 1GHz 15-inch and the old 1GHz 17-inch system."

Ein recht albern durchgeführter Vergleich zwischen AMD Athlon 64 und G5 findet sich in der PC World, die überwiegend passenden Kommentare genau dazu bekommt man bei ./: "Did you look at the apps they compared the G5s and the Athlon64s with? Word- It's Microsoft, no shit it's going to be faster on windows, who would have guessed that? Premiere - The video app that sucks so hard on mac that Adobe stoped making it. Try the same functions on FCP and watch it come out a few times faster. Quake 3 - A game, 'cause you know macs are what everyone uses for gaming, and developers spend just as much time optimising their mac versions. Photoshop - The only relavant and fair app they bothered to test, and the G5 is noticablly faster than any of the Athlon 64 systems, beaten only by the Opteron."

"The Bluetooth Firmware Updater 1.0.2 provides improvements in the update installation process, better performance when waking the computer from sleep, and support for additional key commands during startup." Bekommt man über Software Update, hauptsächlich für die Käufer von Apples BT Tastatur/Maus gedacht.

"Maxon today announced that Cinebench 2003, the company's popular tool for benchmarking 3D performance of CPU and Graphics Cards, has been optimized for Apple's new G5 desktops". Mehr bei macminute.

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/16 Oscar (Fingal O'Flahertie Wills) Wilde born in Dublin, 1854 (So einfach ist das).

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