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Soft Drink Lovers

Anmerkungen zu Apple und Pepsis gnadenloser Promotion Aktion von John Gruber:
"It was Pepsi, you’ll recall, where John Sculley was president before coming to Apple as president and CEO 1983. Steve Jobs personally recruited Sculley, finally wooing him with the question, 'Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life?'
Who’s selling sugar water now, eh?"

"Twenty years later, it turns out changing the world occasionally includes selling sugar water." Kommentar bei siliconvalley.com. Und (!) passender Kommentar zum Kommentar bei macdailynews: "Langberg must think Steve Jobs drives a VW Bug over to his Gulfstream jet, because we haven't heard a peep out of him regarding the "Pods unite: Buy a New Beetle, Get a new iPod" promotion. VW Bugs pollute the atmosphere. I can almost hear Langberg wondering, "Why didn't Jobs team with some healthy alternative electric vehicle that tops out at 45MPH, runs for 15 minutes, and sold just under 100 cars last year?" Maybe because he actually wanted to sell some iPods, Mike. Fruits and nuts, indeed."

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