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Die Computerworld wirft noch einen zweiten Blick auf den PowerMac G5:
"It's clear from two weeks of testing that Apple's new Power Mac G5 dual 2-GHz machine is the fastest thing the company has ever produced. And while you can debate benchmarks until eternity, it certainly appears poised to meet or beat anything now out on the Windows side".

In der Macworld liest sich ein ausführlicher Bericht über Adobes Creative Suite: "Adobe is making a bold move. The company has radically reworked its four major applications: GoLive, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. The fruit of its labor is the OS X-only Adobe Creative Suite, which includes all four revitalized applications. There are some great new features in these tightly integrated programs".

Ein weiterer verzweifelter Versuch, nachzulesen bei CNET: "Microsoft in typical fashion will set off a new round of print and online advertisements for its Media Center Edition, but it is also taking a stealth approach to boost its product image. Placing products in TV shows and other entertainment programming has become a more common tactic among marketers as the din of advertising has peaked in recent years and commercial-skipping devices like TiVo have grown popular." Vor wenigen Tagen erst konnte man bei Spiegel Online nachlesen, wie gut das schon zu funktionieren scheint: "Die Wahl fiel auf die beiden Marketingleute Andreas Schönberger und Sascha Hancke, die sich Rhetorikschlachten, wie aus nächtlichen TV-Shoppingshows lieferten: "Andreas, ich war im Urlaub und habe Bilder gemacht." "Sascha, das ist ja toll." "Ja, Andreas." "Lass sie uns doch sofort angucken, Sascha." "Andreas, das ist ja super. Du hast einen PC im Wohnzimmer, mit dem man Fotos angucken kann?" "Ja, Sascha!" "Andreas, ich bin total begeistert." Auch bei den macguardians ist man erheitert. Wirklich interessant an dem CNET-Artikel erscheint viel mehr diese quasi im Nebensatz versteckte Information zu Apples Werbe-Plänen zu sein: "According to one source, the company also plans another major consumer advertising campaign around the holidays to promote its computer line."

Die Macworld hat auch noch eine schöne Liste mit X Hints unter anderem: "At first glance, you might assume that scroll bars are an extremely inefficient mechanism when you want to scroll a window diagonally -- and you'd be right. Fortunately, OS X includes an alternative scrolling system for such situations. Position your mouse inside a Finder icon- or list-view window; while pressing 1-option, you can drag -- and scroll -- in any direction, thanks to the little white-gloved hand cursor that appears at your command."

Bei ATPM gibt es einen Outliner Überblick: "No one has a generally accepted definition of what an outliner is. One could approach a definition by describing what one uses an outliner for, but here we’ll take a different tack; we’ll provide all the features that exist in certain products that exploit the nesting paradigm. Then, you can compare your needs to this list and match it to the product or workstyle you are evaluating." (via Mac Net Journal)

Und langsam beginnen die iBook Upgrade Gerüchte: "Updated iBooks are rumored to support the expected upgrades: Bluetooth and USB 2.0 which would bring the iBooks in line with the remainder of Apple's lineup. Other features noted include brighter displays, and improved graphics."

Spricht für sich: "IE Gets Blame for Theft of Half Life 2 Code" "Wichtiges Sicherheitsupdate für Internet Explorer".

Außerdem spannendes aus dem Terminal - heute: 10/05 Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald's) born, 1902 (Anleitung zur Selbstinformation).

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