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'Apple focused on melding the computer with a toaster'

Im Zusammenhang mit der Apple Analyst Konferenz (auch bei mir verlinkt) äußerte sich Jobs gegenüber CNET zur ewigen 'Apple steigt auf Intel-Prozessoren um' Gerüchteküche:
"It's perfectly technically feasible to port Panther to any processor," Jobs said at a meeting with financial analysts. But Jobs said the company is happy with IBM's PowerPC family of chips and feels the performance is "quite competitive."

Über die Windows XP Media Center Edition:
"Asked about Apple's interest in selling Macs that could serve up the video recording abilities Microsoft offers with its Windows XP Media Center Edition, Jobs joked that Apple was instead focused on melding the computer with a toaster."

Über iPod und iTMS:
"Jobs rebuffed the idea that the iTunes music store should work with MP3 players other than the iPod, or conversely, that Apple's iPod should work with other music download services."
"Why should we work with another music store when we are working with the Microsoft of music stores?" Jobs said. "I'd rather spend our engineering dollars on enhancing the iPod and the iTunes music store."

Über .mac (Backup 2 ist nun übrigens als final herunterladbar ist):
"Our renewal rate was 86 (percent) to 87 percent," Jobs said, adding that that is "unheard of, higher than almost anybody's. We've built ourselves the beginnings of a pretty good Internet services business."

Kleine Analyse dazu bei den MacGuardians

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