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Heute unter anderem:
• Mehr zum Angriff auf Apples iTunes DRM
• Apples Untergang Nr. 34
• iPod als Synonym für MP3 Player
• Tipps zur Suche in mail.app
• Shootout der Festplattenreparaturprogramme
• Weitere Akkutipps für den iPod
• Panther Server Bericht Teil 2
Die Details beim Weiterlesen...

Mehr zum Angriff auf Apples DRM (bereits am Samstag verlinkt) heute bei CNET:

"If that is indeed the approach Johansen took, it's possible Apple could release an update to QuickTime that nullifies Johansen's work, much as Microsoft did for the early break of its digital rights management tools.
In several CNET News.com experiments, the unprotected file created by Johansen's program was not playable. Several people on Web message boards reported using a series of other MPEG 4 audio tools to create a usable song from the resulting file, however."

Bei Ars.Technica wird das mit einer interessanten Spekulation verknüpft:

"I'll be watching Apple's response to this with great interest, because the company has consistently tried to play both sides of the fence on the music "piracy" issue. A full-blown iTMS ripper tool, which now seems like an inevitability, will put Apple in a bind as far as their relationship with the recording industry goes and will force the company to respond decisively in one way or another. [...]

If such a ripper tool becomes popular, the question should be this: is there any evidence that it's hurting iTMS music sales? If the answer is "no," and I have little doubt that it will be (in fact, it would probably help sales significantly), then Apple may be able to make the case to the RIAA that it doesn't need to respond by resorting to ever more drastic DRM measures to disable end-users' fair use rights."

Einmal mehr Rob Enderle, der inzwischen Apples Untergang schon dreimal vorhergesagt hat, er schafft es auch ein viertes Mal:

"I also asked which companies would be dead. The panel agreed that it would be Apple, Sun and Novell. The panel also agreed that if it didn't run on the x86 architecture, it was likely gone. What was really interesting was that almost everyone I spoke with after this panel said that this x86 prediction was like predicting that the sun would rise in the morning -- in other words, that it was a given. Most participants felt that the future world of technology would be solidly based on standards and that anyone not using standards would be gone."

Das hat wirklich schon erheiternde Qualitäten, mehr dazu auch im Mac Observer, die ja bereits seit einiger Zeit den offiziellen Zähler zu Apples vorhergesagtem Untergang führen.

"Tomorrow, we'll probably not talk of portable MP3 player anymore but of «iPod»…"
So stand es zumindest laut MacBidouille in Le Figaro. Dazu kommt, dass der iPod in Frankreich noch ein weiteres Einsatzfeld erschlossen zu haben scheint:

"Not sitting idle after their success, Apple is still seeking to innovate in order to acquaint its device to the maximum number of people. Since January 2002, Apple works on the use of the iPod as an audio guide in French museums. A first experiment was held during the VIP night that followed the Apple Expo 2003's keynote. The guests had thus been able to visit the Orsay Museum using the iPod as a guide.
The next test will be held at the magnificent Castle of Chenonceaux that crosses the Cher river but this time it will be open to the public. 500 iPods are expected to be used there."

Frederic Latour setzt sich in seinem Panther Weblog mit den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten der Suche in mail.app (Mehr Tipps zu mail.app auch bei mir) auseinander:

"When tons of messages appear in your different mail accounts every day, it is sometimes not easy to find some messages when you need to read them immediately or to find the exact sentence you are looking for in one message. I'll cover all you need to know to search messages in Mail, from the basic options to search some text (a knowledge you can apply to text from any application in Mac OS X, including web pages viewed in Safari) to the new options in Panther to search in some specific Mailboxes at once. You'll also learn how to mark your message once your found them, using any color if you want."

Bei TidBITS.com gibt es ein überausführliches Shootout der häufig verwendeten Festplattenreparaturprogramme, um es kurz zu machen: DiskWarrior gewinnt.

Abgesehen von all der Aufregung um den Akku im iPod hat Apple in der Knowledge Base auch etliche Artikel zu diesem Thema, unter anderem:

'iPod: The Battery Status Indicator Is Approximate'
'iPod: How to Get the Most Out of the Battery'
'iPod: About Battery Care'

Gesamtüberblick zum iPod Troubleshooting gibt es dort ebenso wie eine obligatorische FAQ-Liste.

Eine Geschichte wie von Apples eigener PR-Abteilung verfasst:

"The cost of the fully configured Xserve also came in at about half the price of the Windows servers he was looking at -- an important issue in the decision-making process, because Matusewicz admitted that if the Xserve had come "within a bull's roar" of the PC systems he was looking at, he would have leaned towards a Windows server "due simply to the comfort factor" that such a system would have provided."

Teil 2 des Panther Server Berichts in der Computerworld (Teil 1 findet sich hier verlinkt):

"In the previous version of Apple Mac OS X Server (10.2), service parameters were managed through a graphical user interface (GUI) tool called Server Settings, while log files for each of those services were read using a tool called Server Status. For the latest X Server release, Version 10.3, or Panther, the functionality of both of those tools, plus a bit more, has been combined into a single utility called Server Admin. What follows is a look at the new GUI, with screenshots and explanations of what I believe are the best new features."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
11/25 Alfred Nobel invents dynamite, 1867
(So einfach ist das).

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