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DonnerstagsMac0rama Teil II

Dabei unter anderem:
• Ein Panther Server Bericht
• Die iTunes Sharing-Studenten
• Ein DualSwitch
• WalMart vs. iTMS
• EU vs. MS
• Strahlenangst
Die Details beim Weiterlesen...

Schöner Einstieg in einen sich noch über die nächsten Wochen erstreckenden Panther Server Bericht bei Computerworld.com:

"Much has been written about the recently released desktop version of Apple Computer's newest operating system, Mac OS X 10.3, or Panther. I'm one of the many who think the Panther client software is rock-solid, has tremendous speed and utility advantages over its predecessor and is generally a better operating system than Windows XP".

"When International Studies Residential College resident Ben Rottman announced to his fellow dormmates almost four weeks ago that he thought everyone should download Apple's iTunes software, he was sharing a revelation that has swept the nation," Wes Meltzer and Rosalind Yang for The Daily Northwestern. "Two days after Apple's release of its iTunes software for Windows on Oct. 17, Rottman said, 10 residents were already plugged into the dorm's music network. By Sunday, that number had jumped to 28. They were swapping music files. Legally." So schreibt The Daily Northwestern.
(via macdailynews)

Man beachte hierzu die Gefahr durch Playlistismus!

The Times stiftete einen langjährigen Mac-User dazu an, mit einem ebenso langjährigen Windows-Anwender die Rechner eine Woche lang zu tauschen, heraus kamen folgende Aussagen:

"After a week with a Windows machine I get the feeling that this system is designed by people who know a lot about computers. Macs, on the other hand, seem to be designed by people who know a lot about people," he concluded.

Three hours into using the Mac, PC user Miles admits, "I started to wonder if I should have made the change years ago".

Auch bei den MacGuardians kommentiert.

Weitere Konkurrenz für den iTMS, der vielleicht die Preise etwas beleben wird:

"Citing sources close to the company, The Wall Street Journal said Wal-Mart will launch an online music store as soon as next week with prices that are expected to be lower than competitors'." TheWMURChannel.com .

Bei Silicon.com kommentiert man das G5 Werbeverbot in England:

"The broadcasting watchdog had received complaints. How could Apple say what it was saying given how hard it really is to measure performance, combinations of hardware and software for different purposes and the speed at which new products come out? That's what some concerned viewers asked, apparently. We can only guess if they work for Wintel rivals.

But for the business-oriented spiel - and a high-end Mac isn't just for your casual surfer - a bit of funky music and well-crafted tag line isn't quite enough.
It's perhaps the most enduring request we make to advertisers - interest us but don't lie to us. And Apple is not alone in having to tread that line carefully."

Im IT Manager's Journal glaubet man:
"The EU commission wants Microsoft to unbundle the media player from windows. And who would benefit from that? Everything I'm reading about this indicates they'll do what it looks like the DoJ can't or won't do. So, it looks likely that the EU forces the unbundling of Windows Media 9 (WM9) and levies a fine on Microsoft. RealNetworks and Apple are main beneficiaries. The EU hearing is over the next few days, with the decision likely to be January 2004. But the EU will probably leak prior to that date."
(via macdailynews)

Laut Forbes.com greift MS in diesem Zusammenhang bereits zu Drohungen:
"Microsoft Corp said it would be forced to offer European consumers a substandard version of Windows if the European Union makes it re-write its operating system, sources close to the case said on Thursday."

Nichts Neues, dafür aber griffig betitelt:
Angst vor Handyantennen schädlicher als Strahlung.

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