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DonnerstagsMac0rama (Update)

Die 'Angriffe' auf Apples im iTMS verwendete DRM wurden bei mir hier und hier bereits verlinkt und führten zu manch merkwürdiger Berichterstattung. Deshalb ist es umso löblicher, dass bei chaosmint.com nun eine wunderbare Erläuterung zu dem ganzen Komplex (MyTunes, QTFairUse, Audio Hijack und den verschiedenen Dateiformaten) nachzulesen ist:

"These two applications have recently received a lot of attention due to their interactions with iTunes and the iTunes Music Store. Unfortunately, due to some very poor reporting across the internet, there are significant misconceptions about how these programs actually work. In fact, one article claims that you could now download songs for free from the iTunes Music Store. (This is not true.)
You will see that MyTunes and QTFairUse have nothing to do with each other, and serve different purposes altogether."

Apple erinnert daran, dass der Apple Store Tokyo am 30. November eröffnet wird (wie bereits mit Bild berichtet), dabei beeindruckende Details über das Angebot des Stores:

"Mac specialists who speak 10 different languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Korean, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English".

Interessant auch, wie Steve Jobs die anstehende Eröffnung kommentierte:

"Apple's market presence has been declining in Japan, its second biggest market, as it competes with Sony Corp's Vaio brand for consumers willing to pay more for a chic computer. "Apple's market share in Japan used to be higher than it is today and we want to let all of those people know...that Apple is back in a very serious way and investing in Japan," Apple chief executive and co-founder Steve Jobs told reporters on Thursday."
Leider lässt sich dem Artikel in keinster Weise entnehmen, wie hoch der Marktanteil denn genau ist.

Zusätzlich plant Apple nächstes Jahr einen weiteren Store in Osaka zu eröffnen und so bald wie möglich den iTMS in Japan verfügbar zu machen.

Bei MacCentral gibt es noch aktuelle Bilder vom Store.

FAQ: 12 Questions about OpenOffice, die MS Office Alternative unter OS X.

Auch in der Computerworld wird noch ein durchweg positives 12" PowerBook Review nachgelegt:

"One key to portability is battery life, and this PowerBook excels. With the processor speed set for "automatic" in the energy-saver preferences pane, and with monitor brightness turned to three notches below full, I was able to use the PowerBook for almost four hours before needing a recharge. That might not get you all the way from New York to L.A. on an airplane, but it's close enough for me, and much better than my 17-in. PowerBook."

ipodhacks.com rumort auch von einem recht unglaubwürdigen 100$ 5GB iPod (bereits erwähnt) am kommenden Freitag.

In der Business Week glaubt man, dass Apple gerade iPhoto für Windows auf den Markt schmeissen sollte:

"This chaotic situation represents an opportunity for Apple. Steve Jobs has already proven he can translate his mastery of the intuitive user interface to the PC world with the successful launch of iTunes software for Windows machines. That release garnered rave reviews, even from some of the most technophilic publications around, such as Slashdotand ArsTechnica.
For an encore, Apple should release a version of iPhoto for Windows. After iTunes, it's the next most popular digital-lifestyle application on the Mac. And iPhoto is an excellent product, better in my mind than anything PC makers have offered with the single exception of Adobe's consumer package."

Kommentar dazu in Stephen Withers' Weblog.

Merkwürdige Sicherheitslücke in OS X, Apple scheint schon an der Behebung zu arbeiten, zumal eh sehr diskutabel ist, inwiefern dies Auswirkungen auf den 'average user' habe soll...

Apple hat vorerst mit einem Knowledge Base Dokument reagiert:

"Please note that the exploit requires the malicious DHCP server to be located on your local subnet. For typical home network configurations with a broadband (DSL or cable service) modem and a NAT (Network Address Translation) device, such as Apple's Airport, this exploit is not possible.

If there is a chance that a malicious DHCP server has been injected into your subnet or you are operating on an untrusted network there are two solutions to the potential vulnerability depending on if you are using a directory service."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
11/27 Jimi Hendrix (Johnny Allen Hendrix) is born in Seattle, 1942
(So einfach ist das).

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