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G5 für die Xbox? (Update)

Großen Wirbel verursachte die Meldung (auch bei heise), dass Microsoft für die nächste Xbox wohl IBM Chips verwendet. Bis jetzt ist unklar, um welchen Chip es sich genau handelt, aber die Vermutungen laufen in eine bestimmte Richtung:
"IBM is likely to modify its most advanced "G5" PowerPC silicon, which is being used in Apple Computer's fastest Macintosh desktops, for the embedded market, reducing the cache and cutting power consumption, Doherty said."

MacCentral spekuliert zusätzlich noch über eine Verwendung von VirtualPC:
"IBM's chips are based on the PowerPC instruction set, which differs from the x86 instruction set used by most of Intel's processors. Game developers must tailor their code for the specific platform.
Microsoft could emulate x86 compatibility with software it acquired from Connectix Corp. earlier this year."

Bei extremetech.com werden noch ein paar Informationen mehr gegeben:
"Scott Sykes, a spokesman for IBM Microelectronics, confirmed that an undisclosed IBM processor would power the Xbox. "It is the main CPU," Sykes said, when asked if the component would be a co-processor or other chip within the console."

Auch bei Wired ist die Meldung inzwischen gelandet:
"At least one industry analyst thinks the choice may be the first crack in the so-called "Wintel" partnership that has dominated the computer industry for decades."
"The release studiously avoids naming the chip architecture, referring only to "IBM's family of state-of-the-art processors."
However, IBM spokesman Scott Brooks said IBM's "family of processors" are all PowerPCs. He declined to name the architecture specifically, saying IBM had promised Microsoft it would not do so."

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