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ipodspain.gifDas angeblich so schmutzige iPod Geheimnis hat die zu erwartenden Wellen geschlagen und es ist erstaunlich, wie viele Falschinformationen momentan diesbezüglich noch durchs Netz geistern.

Als Wiederholung bleibt deshalb festzustellen, dass die iPod Akkus sehr wohl austauschbar sind. Entweder man lässt Apple die Arbeit machen und zahlt 99$, oder man greift selber zu und gibt rund 50$ für einen neuen iPod Akku aus. Momentan sind beide Varianten nur innerhalb der USA verfügbar, allerdings dürfte es auch in Kürze bei uns ähnliche Ersatzmöglichkeiten geben.

Besonders empfehlenswert ist in diesem Zusammenhang Bill Palmers Antwort auf ipodsdirtysecret:

"It would be different if no one's iPod battery was lasting more than eighteen months. But as I checked out the various responses across the internet today to the Neistat Brothers' media blitz, I saw iPod owner after iPod owner point out that their iPod was much older than eighteen months and that they had personally experienced no battery problems at all. Granted, there are entire threads in the forums at iPodLounge.com dedicated to dealing with iPod battery issues, so clearly it can and does happen, but it definitely doesn't appear to be a general trend. If there's one thing that continually disappoints me about consumers, it's their insistence on judging the overall quality of a product line based solely on the one that they bought. If they went to a restaurant once, and the food was not fresh, the conclusion must be that every meal that's ever been served in this restaurant was not fresh, right? You might not want to go back to that restaurant based on your one bad experience, but it doesn't mean that you can safely make a broader assumption and then publicly claim it as fact. It drives me nuts to hear such gibberish, whether it's about food, or technology products, or anything else."

So bleibt die Frage, ob nicht die Neistat Brothers selbst das 'dirty secret' der ganzen Aktion im Sinne einer gnadenlosen Selbstvermaktung sind:

"In all honesty, I half-expected this to turn out to be a stunt backed by Napster, or Microsoft, or some other iPod competitor who was watching the iPod's market lead become insurmountable. But it turns out that the Neistat Brothers are, in fact, Mac-using filmmakers who are apparently good enough at what they do to win an awardfor a previous film that they made about the Holland Tunnel. Heck, they even got written up in MacDirectory for their efforts. But this is where things get a bit uncomfortable for me: it looks to me that they decided to create a highly controversial movie that they knew would put their names out there among the Mac community, simply for the free publicity. Again, I don't have a problem with that, except that they took a highly unfair and inaccurate swipe at the iPod (and at Apple) in order to create that controversy. Self-promotion is not a bad thing, and controversial self-promotion is a choice that the self-promoter makes. But self-promotion at the expense of a target that doesn't deserve it, that's just wrong. I don't like it."

Abgesehen davon wurde der iPod vom Stereophile magazine zum Editor's Choice and Budget Product of the Year ernannt:

"The iPod is a groundbreaking device, a paradigm shift of the first magnitude. A designer can do anything with a big enough development budget and unlimited number of chips. While the result may be impressive, it is not really a great leap forward, given the prohibitive retail cost and cumbersome implementation. Packing the iPod's level of performance, accessibility, and ease of use into such a small, sleek package ranks right up there with some of the great inventions of all time."
Mehr dazu bei ipodlounge.com.

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