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Jobs: Kein iPhone, aber Digital Lifestyle/Hub Applications (Update)

Zwei interessante Punkte zum/vom Apple Analyst Meeting fanden sich noch bei MacMinute:

Zu Software:
The Apple CEO talked a bit about the digital hub strategy and where it is going. "There are new categories of applications that people haven't even thought of yet that we are working on," Jobs said. "We have a lot of innovation up our sleeves when it comes to the digital lifestyle/digital hub class of applications -- a lot. You will be seeing some of it next year... very strong stuff."

Zum iPhone:
Jobs and Schiller also addressed a question regarding Apple's plans for the mobile phone market. Jobs made it clear that Apple still has no plans to enter the market, while Schiller went over Mac OS X's tight integration with Bluetooth phones. "We're way ahead of Microsoft in this area," Jobs said. "And since we're not trying to make our own phone, we're working with everybody and everybody wants to work with us. We have great relationships with handset manufacturers."

Weitere Zusammenfassungen finden sich auch bei MacNN und MacRumors.

Berichte vom Apple Analyst Meeting bereits bei mir verlinkt.

Inzwischen hat MacNN auch eine Zusammenfassung der Präsentation von Ron Johnson, die Apples Retail Geschäft (sprich in erster Linie die Apple Stores) beleuchtet.

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