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iPod Überfluss und Verknappung

Die Macworld UK berichtet von der enormen iPod Nachfrage, die alleine aufgrund des momentanen medialen Dauerfeuers auch nicht weiter verwundern dürfte:

"Apple's digital music initiatives continue to gather momentum and iPod sales are very strong, the company has confirmed."

Die Financial Times geht einen Schritt weiter und berichtet schon von vorweihnachtlichen iPod Verfügbarkeitsschwierigkeiten:

"But iPod shortages are forcing many Christmas shoppers to hunt around or settle for one of iPod's many imitators. While most rival machines cost less, aficionados consider them to lack the vital quality of 'coolness."

Womit nicht zuletzt die Nachfrage weiter angeheizt werden dürfte, so freut sich Bill Palmer über die Meldung und spekuliert ob man bei Apple nicht gezielt mit der angeblichen Knappheit spielt:

"In fact, I'd shout it from the mountaintops. I'd drop hints in industry magazines, by making statements such as "We are working hard to fulfill that demand as quickly as we can," and then sit back and watch as the obligatory "iPods in short supply" headlines appeared the next day. Because rarely have such headlines caused shoppers to simply turn their attention to other gifts so much as they've helped to ignite a last-minute shopping frenzy, complete with customers arguing over what they're sure is the last one, only to have the helpful salesperson point out that "I think we've got more in the back". Not that I'm hoping to see fistfights break out among crazed shoppers as they stampede to gain entry into the local Apple Store and buy ten iPods when they only have three friends...actually, I'd probably pay to see that. And so would Apple, I imagine."

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