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Think Secret: Mini iPods, major iLife update

Von wegen Weihnachtsstille, jetzt beginnt auch Think Secret bei der Mini iPod Gerüchteküche mitzumischen:

"Reliable sources inside and outside of Apple have confirmed Apple will announce the new pocket-size iPods in a number of capacities and in various colors, including stripes. Capacities will be 2 and 4GB -- meaning users could store some 400 and 800 songs, respectively. Prices will start at around $100US, Think Secret has learned. It is not known if the new product line will be available immediately after introduction."

Weiterhin wird dort eine mehr als zweistündige Keynote vorhergesagt, die sich hauptsächlich um Musik und Software dreht:

"Jobs will also devote considerable time to Apple's software offerings during his presentation, with a number of new releases in store for users. Sources said Jobs will unveil a "total revamp" of iLife, the integrated iApp suite that Apple announced one year ago. Sources anticipate that the suite's core applications -- iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iTunes -- will be updated across the board; Other insiders confirmed that Apple will announce iDVD 4 as well as iMovie 3.5."

Ebenso werden zwar Ankündigungen zum Xserve erwartet, aber ansonsten keine 'CPU announcements', weder Desktop- noch Mobilrechner betreffend.

Wer sich schonmal virtuell auf die Räumlichkeiten des San Francisco Moscone Center, in dem die Macworld Conference and Expo stattfindet, einstellen will kann dies per QuickTime VR tun:

"We wanted to help Macworld attendees who might get lost in downtown San Francisco due to jet lag, too much partying, and the continual change in cityscape due to new construction," said Patrick Cheatham, one of the tour producers."

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