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Beinahe HP-Napster statt HP-Apple

Offensichtlich hatte ursprünglich Napster geplant, vorinstalliert auf die unzähligen HP Desktops und Laptops zu gelangen, wie aus einem Artikel bei MercuryNews.com hervorgeht:

"But in the days leading up to Napster's re-launch in late October, HP suddenly -- and without explanation -- returned Napster's $250,000 check and canceled the agreement to install a link to Napster's online music service on its computers. Worse, in January HP announced a surprise partnership with Napster rival Apple Computer to feature the iTunes Music store on HP computers and sell Hewlett-Packard branded iPod music players.[...]

And while Napster can legitimately claim it's the second most popular online music service, information provided by insiders at two of the major music labels shows it sells only about a quarter the number of downloads from their artists as Apple's market-leading iTunes store. Napster refused to release download figures."

Mehr zur HP-Apple Allianz hier im fscklog.

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