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'Clash of egos' bei der Pixar-Disney Trennung (Update)

Die LA Times sieht in dem vor wenigen Tagen vollzogenen Abbruch der Verhandlungen zwischen Disney und Pixar die Konfrontation zweier Egomanen:

"Despite a collaboration that unexpectedly enriched Disney, Eisner insisted on sticking to the letter of the contract. He refused to compromise and publicly bragged about the leverage he had over Pixar.
Jobs was livid, according to a source close to the executive.

That anger deepened when Eisner testified before Congress on digital piracy in February 2002. The Disney chief criticized technology companies for resisting standards that could help thwart digital piracy. He singled out Apple's slogan — "Rip, Mix, Burn."
"That cut deep," a source close to Jobs said. "He just thought it was offensive."

Eisner later extended an olive branch, telling analysts in an earnings conference call that he loved his Apple iPod. But the damage was done."

Die NYT widmet sich ebenfalls Steve Jobs ('the personification of the digital media mogul'):

"What may be most notable about Pixar's success, said Mr. Perlman, is that despite the company's roots as a maker of specialized animation tools and custom hardware, its continuing success has been largely because of the quality of its storytelling rather than any technological advantage.
"Pixar has become less and less of a technology company," said Mr. Perlman, who noted that the company now increasingly uses standard software tools and off-the-shelf hardware to make its movies.

Indeed, one of Mr. Jobs's strategic strengths may be his understanding of the limits of technology."

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