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Offiziell: iPod mini unterwegs zu seinen 100.000 Vorbestellern (Update)

Apple hat die eigene Startseite entsprechend angepasst. Angeblich konnte der iPod mini bereits 100.000 Vorbestellungen für sich verzeichnen. Die Presse überschlägt sich seit einigen Tagen mit Lob (unter anderem hier und hier im fscklog), der Rest der Welt darf sich mit Warten oder Importieren vergnügen.

Noch ein paar Feinheiten aus einem Reuters Artikel:

"What we've seen anecdotally is that the iPod mini has been very attractive to the youth market, for an athletic lifestyle, and women seem really to like the iPod mini as well," said Stan Ng, head of product marketing for iPod. "It's been a great validation that iPod mini is expanding the market and iPod sales overall remain strong."
Ng said that it was difficult to compare preorders for the iPod mini with those for earlier iPods, because none of the others had such a long lag between announcement and shipping. Between October 2001, when Apple introduced the original iPod, and the end of that year's Christmas quarter, Apple sold 125,000 iPods."

Weitere Details bei CNET:

"We're definitely excited by the response we've had from customers," iPod product manager Stan Ng said in an interview, referring to the orders placed by individuals through Apple's Web site. Apple is still watching to make sure the iPod Mini doesn't cannibalize sales from the original iPod, but Ng said thus far it appears to be attracting a new audience.
"Does the iPod Mini take away from iPod sales?" Ng said. "What we've seen so far says it really doesn't."

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