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OS X 10.4 Vorschau auf der WWDC

Ein voraussichtliches Feature von 10.4 hat Apple mit dem 'Spoken Interface' bereits angekündigt, mehr werden wir vom Panther-Nachfolger dann auf der WWDC Ende Juni zu sehen bekommen.
Ron Okamoto, Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations bei Apple, im E-Commerce Times Interview:

ECT: What other things can we expect at this year's WWDC?
Okamoto: Last year we had the first worldwide introduction to the G5 processor. We featured a lot of content about Panther, our new operating system and our current operating system today. We have been very clear with everyone that the Conference is one of those times when Apple is very open about describing where we're going. It's our opportunity to get in front of the developer community and give them an idea of our technology direction for the future. So you should expect to hear some similar messages.

ECT: Will you be introducing a new version of the operating system this year?
Okamoto: In typical Apple fashion, we will not comment; however, as I said, it is our opportunity to talk about our technology direction, so you can bet we will be doing that.

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