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Apple droht die nächste Klage

Wie im heutigen MacOrama erwähnt, hat Apple bis jetzt keine 'iPod-Steuer' in Frankreich bezahlt. Die entsprechend betroffene Society of Music Creators, Composers and Publishers (SACEM) droht deshalb, Apple zu verklagen, falls man sich weiterhin weigern sollte, die entsprechende Abgabe zu begleichen. So berichtet AP:
"In a statement, Sacem said that unless Apple settles its growing account, the agency that collects the payments "will have no other option than to go immediately to court to make sure that the rights of artists, composers and producers are respected."[...]
The French royalties levy came into force in July 2002 and taxes hard disks built into music players according to their size.
The levy on a top-of-the range iPod, which retails at 550 euros at French department store FNAC, would come to 20 euros. Sacem estimates that Apple sold 20,000 iPods in France last year, with disk capacities ranging from 10 to 40 gigabytes."

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