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HP Rechner mit iTunes schon Ende März? (Update)

MacRumors hat in den MetaTags der hp.com/music Seite gestöbert, auf der bereits iTunes kräftig beworben wird (wie im fscklog berichtet) und tatsächlich findet sich dort folgender Text:
"A set of online pages to direct consumers to the iTunes download and experience as a first phase in launching the HP iPod and iTunes suite of products and services. The icon will start shipping pre-loaded on Pavilion and Presario computers in late March and these pages will be the first landing site directed towards HP.com\music."

Bei Forbes.com:
"HP in January also announced plans to soon sell a digital music player based on Apple Computer Inc.'s popular iPod player, which will be available by around June or July. In addition to the player, HP will also make Apple's popular iTunes digital music jukebox and online music store available to HP customers starting in March and April. Financial terms were not disclosed."
Dabei besonders interessant:
"When asked if HP's new player will be incorporated into the Starbucks musical venture, Schultz said: "It's a possibility. We'll have to see."

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