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Adobe's CEO über Konkurrenz mit Apple und die Mac-Kundschaft

In einem Interview mit pcmag.com äußerte sich der Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen unter anderem sehr positiv zu den Verkaufszahlen mit Mac-Software:
"BC: When you look at our overall revenue, or percentage of revenue, we get somewhere between 22% and 25% of our business from Macintosh customers or software that runs on the Mac. If you factor out Acrobat and the server products, our Mac business has stayed relatively strong, which is good news. And I believe, at least what our customers are telling us and what our revenue is telling us in terms of mix, that those loyal Macintosh users, continue to be loyal to the Mac.
What we don't see are a lot of graphics professionals moving over, back from Windows to Macintosh, but those who are on Mac, because of all the great things that Steve [Jobs] has done, are sticking with Mac. Most of our customers are telling us they have plans to move to G5 this year, which is good news for the industry and good news for us."

Und nimmt Stellung zur andauernden Konkurrenzsituation mit Apples Software:
"MM: Clearly in the video area, you had a product before Apple did. They came in; they did a nice job, no question. FinalCut is a very nice product. Are you at all worried that they're going to do that for Photoshop, or something like that?
BC: Michael, if you look at a category like digital imaging, or now even layout, Adobe has such a strong position in a market that's been around for many years. We continue to innovate, and I'd be surprised if Apple tried to compete with us in those areas. Apple has told us that's not their intent, and I don't believe they will."

Leider keinerlei Hinweis zu Adobe's Reaktion auf Motion, das doch recht direkt gegen After Effects aufläuft.

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