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MacOrama für den 19. April 2004

Der iTMS lässt sich selbst ohne iTunes durchsuchen plus probehören, wie bei Slashdot gepostet:
"One may now listen and search for Apple iTunes music via this front end or any webserver running the perl script called iTMS-4-ALL, which was written by Jason Rohrer, programmer of the secure filesharing system MUTE who hopes the script 'helps revive everyone's ITMS interfaces.'

MacBidouille berichtet über einen Elle-Artikel, in dem Karl Lagerfeld von seinen 40 iPod berichtet:
"These sweats are for someone that never jogs [talking about the clothes on the picture] even if the metal grey color is very chic, it is not for me. However, I love iPod, I have fourty of them. I recorded all the music I love on them."
Weshalb gleich spekuliert wurde, dass genau er der 30.000$ Verprasser im iTMS gewesen sei...

Rob Pegoraro ärgert sich in der Washington Post über DRM-Einschränkungen und Album-Preise im iTMS, komischerweise wird nicht einmal im Ansatz erwähnt, dass es bei der weit abgeschlagenen Konkurrenz damit teilweise erheblich schlechter aussieht:
"It may very well have other devices up its sleeve, but the company, as usual, refuses to talk about them. That's the problem right there -- Apple wants customers to advance into this digital-music future without a map. In so doing, it's showing itself at its least attractive: resolutely proprietary and secretive to a fault. The market, however, has a way of solving these problems. Earlier this month, an open-source program called PlayFair appeared online. It allows an iTunes customer who owns either an iPod or a Windows machine authorized to play his or her purchases to remove the copy controls from those AAC files. (PlayFair does nothing to songs you don't own; it's useless to thieves.)"

iCalViewer (mehr dazu hier im fscklog) liegt nun in Version 1.1 vor und bietet einen nett erweiterten Funktionsumfang, der allerdings nur gegen eine Shareware Gebühr in Höhe von 11$ zu bekommen ist (konnte es leider noch nicht testen, dürfte aber jeden Dollar wert sein):
• Added to do viewing
• Moved the icon from The Dock to the menu bar
• Added interactivity (you can double-click on items to go to the item in iCal)
• Added many colour preferences
• Added an 'expose' hotkey
• Changed the lookahead to allow specification of units (hours, weeks etc)
• Fixed some bugs...

Houston Chronicle über 'Tarnation' (bereits Ende Januar im fscklog verlinkt), den ersten Film, der es per iMovie nach Cannes schaffen wird:
"Sifting through 70 hours of home movies, as well as tape recordings, snapshots and even phone messages, Caouette has pieced together a wrenching look at his life, called Tarnation. The cost of making this starkly stylized and riveting documentary, edited with Apple's iMovie software on a Macintosh PC, was $218.32.
That investment became a gold mine of buzz when Tarnation screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January, soon after acclaimed directors Gus Van Sant and John Cameron Mitchell signed on as executive producers. Now it's set to compete at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Superdrive Firmware Hack für die (gerade noch) aktuellen PowerBooks:
"Why did I wait till now? Like I said, I can't get into it, but today being a special day to me, makes it an appropriate occasion at least :) And while my friends and loved ones wish me all the best, on this, the day of my birth, I have this to offer all the fellow powerbook users out there: The long-anticipated UJ-816 firmware w/ optional region-free capabilities. This is my way of giving back."
(via MacNN)

NYT Artikel '600 Macs, 4,000 Lines, One Giant Leap for DVD's':
" Walk into the suites of Lowry Digital, the company that Mr. Lowry started six years ago, and the first sight that strikes you is the computer bank — rack after rack of Macintosh G5 computers, 600 of them, holding a combined memory of 2,400 gigabytes."

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
04/19 Landing of the "33" in Uruguay

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