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MacOrama für den 20. April 2004

Ganz klamm und heimlich gab es gestern noch eine weitere Airport Extreme Base Station, die speziell auf Schulen, Unis usw. zugeschnitten ist:
"The AirPort Extreme Base Station is available in a model that conforms to UL 2043 — the UL standard for products installed in air-handling spaces. This means that you have the freedom to place base stations above ceiling tiles, out of harm’s way. And because it also supports Power over Ethernet — allowing it to receive electrical power over the same Ethernet cabling that it uses to send and receive data — you’re saved the expense and inconvenience of supplying power separately to every base station."
Mehr dazu bei MacCentral.

Im gestrigen MacOrama hatten wir schon Karl Lagerfeld und seine 40 iPod, nun zeigt Cult of Mac noch die passende Gucci Tasche für den iPod zum Preis von 200$ das Stück:

Wired über die durchaus geläufige Spezies der Mac Voyeure:
"Mac voyeurs are people who want to know all about my Macintosh project," he wrote on ZDNet, referring to his adoption of a Mac for the first time.
"That's innocent enough, but it grows from there," Coursey continued. "They are intensely interested in knowing everything about how the Mac works. These people tell me -- almost emotionally -- how important they think Macintosh is. They usually say something like, 'It keeps Microsoft honest' or 'Bill Gates stole all his good ideas from Apple.'"
And there's one other thing about these folks, and this explains the voyeur part: They absolutely, positively, would not under any circumstances ever buy a Mac."

Bastelstunde bei xlr8yourmac.com:
"A friend of mine recently installed a new hard drive into his 17" Al Powerbook. At the same time he modded the keyboard's backlight for a different color."

'Apple's designs are fine, but its build quality is poor' glaubt The Inquirer in einem lahmen Artikel.

Bluetooth Firmware Updater 1.1:
"Provides improvements in the update installation process, better performance when waking the computer from sleep, and support for additional key commands during startup."

"Japanese electronics giant Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. and Apple Computer Inc. plan to market a digital video editing system that would simplify and lower the costs for TV stations and production companies in creating TV broadcasts, movies and DVDs."

BBC Technology Integrates Final Cut Pro HD into Colledia Workflow.

Außerdem Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
04/20 Supreme Court unanimously rules in favor of busing, 1971

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