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MacOrama für den 08. April 2004 (Update)

heise berichtet von einer eventuellen Sicherheitsproblematik unter OS X:
"Anwender von Apples Unix-Betriebssystem Mac OS X haben die Diskussionen um Sicherheitslücken auf Windows-Seite bisher eher gelassen verfolgt. Doch die Sicherheit kann trügerisch sein. Viele Installationsprogramme, die in /Library/StartupItems/ ein so genanntes StartupItem einrichten, scheinen nämlich ein wenig nachlässig bei der Rechtevergabe zu sein."

Mal wieder leichter Unmut über die dem iPod beigefügten Kopfhörer:
"We chose the 80-20 rule, as we think that the supplied headphones satisfy the big majority of our customers," says Stan Ng, director of iPod product marketing at Apple Computer in the story."

Die Analysten erwarten ebenfalls Apples anstehende Quartalszahlen:
"While some intend to look beyond the success of the iPod and take sales of the Power Mac G5 into consideration, others are suggesting that the iPod is more than a one-hit-wonder and are predicting that it will be worth almost $1 billion to Apple this year."

TMO schreibt über ein Apple Patent:
"On March 30, 2004, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) issued United States Patent Number D487,893 to Apple Computer, Inc. for a "Display device with a moveable assembly," which was filed on November 8, 2001.
This is a design patent for "[t]he ornamental design for a display device with a moveable assembly." Rather than blab on about it, it's just easier to show it:

Die Gerüchteküche ist weiterhin nicht gänzlich untätig, AppleInsider munkelt von PowerBooks:
"Apple engineers are simultaneously working to deliver updates to the company's iBook and PowerBook G4 product lines, recent information has revealed. Both sets of updates are rumored to be revisions to the currently available products, rather than totally new offerings." Informationen für die man keine Quellen braucht.
Zu den Power Macs:
" Anonymous sources have confirmed portions of a recent report on pending updates to Apple's Power Mac G5 product line. According to information which is believed to be very accurate, Q77 is indeed a name used externally to referred to speed bumped Power Mac G5 units. Sources also confirmed that the absence of faster models is a direct result of an unanticipated setback. "Something has gone terribly wrong," one source said, who noted that prototypes of the revised Power Macs first shipped to select partners prior to the start of the year, but would not comment further."
O'Grady's Powerpage schiebt ebenfalls nach:
"I also learned that Apple did not want to spend the a huge premium to have the new PowerBooks air freighted to the U.S. as they are not totally new models but just revisions of current models. Another source tells me that the boxes were last seen waiting on the shipping dock for the next available departure by container. Some speculate that they new PowerBooks have already been loaded into the containers and are on the way."

Ein Musikempfehlungssystem für iTunes:
"The Music Recommendation System is an automated system that provides music recommendations specifically tailored to each user to find new music that they might like. This system, designed by students at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), operates by taking ratings from your own iTunes playlists and comparing them against other users who have used the recommendation system."

Bloomberg News: "Yahoo Inc., Amazon.com Inc., and RealNetworks Inc. may obtain pan-European licenses to sell music over the Internet under European Union plans to regulate royalty collection companies, according to a EU draft proposal." Und eine mehr für den iTMS bitte.
Apropos Hals nicht voll bekommen, beim Motley Fool:
"No sooner have digital tunes really started to catch on, we hear that the $0.99-per-song --or less, if you go to Wal-Mart-- price tag is under threat. According to The Wall Street Journal, the recording industry is trying to cook up ways to charge folks more for music. Even Apple's iTunes and Roxio's Napster services have been charging premiums for some of the big names and hot new releases, the article said."

Zur Abwechslung:
However, Sophos senior technology consultant anti virus expert Graham Cluley warned Macworld that some virus writers are considering other operating systems: "A small number of virus writers are showing an increased interest in Unix, and there have been Unix worms which have spread in the wild."
He added: "For this reason Mac OS X users should not think they have nothing to worry about moving into the future."
The enemy isn't yet at the gates, Cluley stressed: "There's no evidence of any imminent attacks on Macs in the same way we have seen on Windows systems."

Donn Denman hält Apple für eine Software Firma, die sich als Hardware Firma tarnt:
"Apple needs to make another huge investment in software in order to grow again. Recent developments at Apple, and the marketplace make me think this is possible," Denman told MacMinute. "Apple has always been an island apart, unconnected to the rest of the computing world. But now some bridges are being built to the mainland. With OS X, there's a bridge to Unix, and that brings in many opportunities for certain kinds of development. With products like iTunes for Windows and the iTunes Music Store there are two bridges: one into Windows software, and one into the world of software services. Apple is getting more connected, and that's good."

Command & Conquer: Generals Demo 1.0, satte 362 MB.

The Motley Fool wirft einen tiefergehenden Blick auf Pixar's Finanzen:
"I'd say they're up to something, which is a good thing considering the talent and track record of Jobs (the same Steve Jobs from Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), in case you were wondering) and the Pixar crew. We'd all like to know the future, but the stock appears reasonably priced even without fireworks on the horizon."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
04/08 Buddha born, 563 BC

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