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(Nichts) Neues vom iTunes Music Store Europa [Update]

Während wir gespannt sein dürfen, wie die Zahlen des iTMS zum anstehenden 1jährigen Jubiläum Ende April aussehen werden, äußerte sich Apple Europa Chef Pascal Cagni gegenüber Reuters zum Verbleib der europäischen Spielart: "When we launch in Europe, we want to do it well. There can be no compromise on the ease of use, the depth of the catalog or the responsiveness (of the Web site)," Apple's European chief Pascal Cagni told Reuters in a telephone interview. He added that a delay of a few months was acceptable because the store was going to be an important outlet for many years. "This is going to be so important for the future that a few months' delay is not essential," he said.
"But it will come. Absolutely," he added, when asked if he was sticking to the launch target year of 2004."
Abzuwarten bleibt, ob Napster und/oder Sony es vor Apple schaffen, in Europa einen legalen (und brauchbaren) Download Service zu etablieren...

Die International Herald Tribune berichtet über die zusätzlichen europäischen Wirren zwischen Besteuerung (von u.a. MP3 Playern) und DRM:
"Apple had planned to introduce iTunes in Europe during the first quarter of 2004, but it delayed inaugurating the service because negotiations with national royalty agencies are taking longer than expected, said the London-based European Digital Media Association, which represents companies that offer music online.
In the meantime, Apple, which has not filed for a license to begin its iTunes online service in France, is being assessed a fee on its iPod because the player is considered a copying device, said Thierry Desurmont, vice president at France's national collection agency, the Society of Music Creators, Composers and Publishers. Apple has so far refused to pay an estimated E20, or $24, levy on every iPod it has sold in France. the society is threatening to go to court to force the company to pay."

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