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MacOrama für den 05. Mai 2004

Am vergangenen Montag im Apple Store SoHo versammelt: Die NYC Bloggers, Gothamist berichtet bebildert, Mitschriften finden sich bei Everything NY zum Publishers Panel (Nick Denton, Jason Calacanis und Moderator Jeff Jarvis), zum Technology Panel (Meg Hourihan, Anil Dash, Jason Kottke und Moderator Paul Ford) und zum Editors Panel (Jen Chung, Lockhart Steele, Choire Sicha und Moderator Felix Salmon).

Die MacGuardians zum c't Test zwischen 14" iBook und 12" PowerBook:
"Das Fazit fällt deutlich aus: Gegen das größte 14"-iBook tritt das kleine PowerBook als Sieger aus dem Ring, da es bei nur 200 Euro Aufpreis besser verarbeitet ist und wirkt und letztendlich auch - teilweise deutlich - bessere Leistungswerte erzielt."
Die stets mit Vorsicht zu genießenden Xbench Benchmarks zu beiden Modellen finden sich bei MacBidouille.

Anstelle eines Foto-/Video-iPods wäre sowas doch auch ganz nett für die nächste Generation:
"Vandisori is an MP3 player with a full screen of LED lights that dance according to the music you're listening to."
(via cool hunting)

Think Secret rumort von einem Einstieg Apples ins Mailorder Geschäft:
"It’s unclear whether or not Apple has firmly decided to start the mail order operation, or when the company plans to do so, but buzz is spreading that Apple’s shut down of manufacturing at its Elk Grove plant in Sacramento, Calif. was related to the initiative; the rumors suggest that since Apple still holds a lease on the facility, the company plans to install telephones and a work mezzanine to populate the building with sales callers and other mail order staff."

Der .mac Support findet nun nicht mehr per Forum, sondern per email statt, schreibt Macworld UK:
"A note from the company explains: "Beginning Monday May 3, all .Mac support questions are handled through email". A link to Apple's new email support service for subscribers is given, along with a promise that all outstanding support requests will be resolved."

Gerüchte über den Nachfolger des SE P900 bei MobileBurn:
"even though these images are computer generated, they have come from a reliable source so this should represent what the final phone, if ever released, would look like."

Tipps zu P900 im Zusammenspiel mit dem OS X Adressbuch gibt es übrigens hier.
(via macosxhints)

Erste Blicke auf den PalmOne Treo 600 bei vowe.net:
"Here we are a few hours later. Syncing all my data from the Mac was a breeze. I renamed the backup directory, connected the Treo via the USB cable and hit hotsync. 10 Minutes later everything was running as expected. I installed the few applications I need and the Treo was ready to roll."

Der iRiver Vorstandsvorsitzende Jonathan Sasse im Technewsworld Interview zum iPod:
"TNW: Do you see the Apple iPod as your main competition at this point, or are there other players you admire more on the market?
Sasse: At this point, there are very few companies that have a product line that rivals iRiver. Without question, Apple has done a great job marketing their solution and the industry as a whole has benefited from that, but our strategy is entirely different. We believe there are many different consumer needs that need to be met with the right product; as such, our product line has something for everyone, whereas other companies may take the approach of "one product for everyone."
TNW: How do you plan to take the iPod crown away from Apple?
Sasse: Apple can keep the "iPod crown." The "portable entertainment crown" is still up for grabs, however, and we have our sights set squarely upon it."

Der Lavendel-farbene/lila iPod mini bei ebay, begleitet von weitreichenden Spekulationen über die mögliche Photoshop-Phantasie des Verkäufers, immerhin steht die Auktion bereits bei 420$:
"I spoke to the company and they say they don't even make lavender and it was a mistake with the dielot."
(via ipodlounge)

Anita Hamilton im TIME Magazine:
"My verdict: Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac is clearly superior to its PC counterpart for most users."

In der Softwareaktualisierung ein 4,2MB großes Security Update 2004-05-03:
"Security Update 2004-05-03 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components:
AFP Server, CoreFoundation, IPSec."

Über-Steve bei sfgate.com:
"Most chief executives have enough on their hands steering one company. Steve Jobs, however, is The Chronicle 200's CEO of the year because he excelled at running two companies.[…]
Two jobs, but only one Jobs."

Ohne Kommentar:
"Everyone keeps telling me how revolutionary MacOS X is. I've seen it in action a few times, but just assumed it was popular due to its glass-effect, swishy, anti-aliased, skinned UI. I thought pretty much the same when I installed the Windows version of iTunes last week. It's pretty attractive, but I wasn't immediately convinced it was any more usable than Windows Media Player or Winamp.
Seven days later, and that's all changed. I keep discovering things in iTunes that convince me of the fact that Apple's engineers know a hell of a lot about usability. Here are just a couple of ways iTunes kicks the crap out of Windows Media Player."

Erneut aufgefrischt von der San Francisco Business Times:
"Gold acknowledged that Jobs would have some conflicts as head of Apple Computer and the animation studio Pixar that could keep him from serving on the board. But he added that he sees Jobs as qualified to take the reins from embattled Disney CEO Michael Eisner."

Sony's iTMS Konkurrent Connect ist in den USA gestartet:
"The store will not employ a subscription model; rather, it will offer content ala carte-style, with singles starting at 99 cents, and entire albums starting at $9.99. Users may play the Connect downloads an unlimited number of times on up to three personal computers that are registered with the Connect store, including the personal computer on which the Connect Downloads are originally downloaded. In general, users may then transfer the licensed Connect Downloads an unlimited number of times onto portable music devices and media that are compatible with the store. In addition, users may "burn" up to ten CDs (five in ATRAC format and five in Redbook format). Connect users can define their own genre home page to customize their shopping experience, and Connect is the only store with album pages for every artist."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
05/05 John Scopes arrested for teaching evolution, Dayton, TN, 1925

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