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MacOrama für den 09. Juni 2004

macoramaVor einigen Tagen sorgte ein Artikel reichlich für Schlagzeilen, in dem unter anderem dieser Satz fiel: "Literally millions of people use a big chunk of Safari on Windows. It's the browser built into iTunes. It works today. So arguably the quickest, most standards compliant browser around, which by the way is based on the open source KHTML rendering engine, is available right now on Windows. And to use iTunes, you need to use it." Was die entsprechende Safari auf/für Windows Debatte wieder mächtig anheizte. Dave Hyatt kommentiert mit einem nüchternen Einzeiler: "Just to clear up a common misconception, iTunes does not use WebKit to render the music store. What you see when you visit the iTunes music store may look "web-like", but it isn't HTML, and it isn't rendered by WebKit." Wer sich auf seiner DOSe nach Safari sehnt, dem sei nach wie vor entweder iCapture oder Firefox-Modding ans Herz gelegt.

Think Secret erzählt uns von den zukünftigen Apple Displays.
Diese sollen in 20" (1680 x 1050), 23" (1920 x 1200) und 30" (2560 x 1600) Ausführung kommen, den ADC Port für DVI eintauschen und ein Alu/Brushed Metal-Äußeres aufweisen: "The new 30-inch display will present some interesting possibilities in an entertainment environment that could spell a new direction for Apple in the living room. Together with Monday's announcement of AirPort Express, Apple could see the 30-inch display as its foray into home entertainment systems, although the company is expected to immediately play up the display's use in graphics and video production environments."

Wie in Aussicht gestellt wurde Fred Anderson in Apple's (als reiner ‘Jobs-Freundeskreis' gescholtenen) Aufsichtsrat berufen: "Fred is widely regarded as one of the industry’s leading financial experts and we want his guidance and judgment to continue benefiting Apple’s shareholders,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Though it is currently out of vogue to add insiders to boards, Fred is the exception to the rule.”

Steve lädt 'persönlich' zur WWDC:
"It will be worth it"...
(via bamboozled)

Fernbedienung und AirTunes, das wird die Gerüchteküchen in den nächsten Monaten mit Sicherheit mächtig beschäftigen, aus einem Business Week Artikel: "The Airport Express does have one major disadvantage: You have to select the music to be played using iTunes software on the Mac or PC, not at the stereo. But Jobs suggested that a remote control to avoid the problem may be forthcoming in a future version."
Außerdem war ich auf der Suche nach Steves 'wry smile' mit dem er diese angeblich 'angekündigt' hat:
(Galerie via Cult of Mac)

Apple in der weltweiten Top Ten der 'Support Sites': " The award is adjudicated by an independent panel working to a number of set criteria, including usability, personalization and search capability. There are 25 criteria in all. This is the seventh annual award. Other winners included: Cognos, HP, Interwoven, Iomega, National Instruments, Research Machines and Xilinx. DataDirect Technologies and Think3 were named winners in the Small Company Division. " Bei Macworld UK.

Das wird spannend: "Representatives for The Beatles have spoken with numerous online music providers, ranging from small companies to Microsoft, which is planning to open an Internet music store this year. The Beatles' side is asking for a considerable sum in return for providing exclusive online distribution rights, perhaps for as long as a year or more." Bei CNET.

Government Computer News weiterhin mit sehr positiver Apple Berichterstattung: "But after a month’s use, I can say that the 1.5-GHz PowerBook with 512M of RAM and 80G hard drive multitasks on complex applications as easily as the IBM ThinkPad T42 or the Dell Latitude D800."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
06/09 Les Paul (Lester Polfus) is born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, 1923
(So geht das).

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