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MacOrama für den 13. Juni 2004

macorama'Professor iPod' (Dr. Bull) mit einer interessanten Beobachtung zu iPod mit Mobiltelefon Nutzung Economist (kostenpflichtig): "They are also, says Dr Bull, far more selective about answering their mobile phones. That suggests that adding phone functionality to the iPod would be a bad idea, since it would facilitate intrusion." Gelesen bei cityofsound.

Der Über-30.000-iBook-Bundesstaat Maine kann offenbar gar nicht genug bekommen, wie aus einer AP Geschichte hervorgeht: " State officials are working with Apple Computer Inc. to determine the minimum level of participation needed for Apple to rent laptops to school districts seeking to expand the program into high schools."

Anmerkungen zu iPod Nutzung, dem nahenden iTMS Europa und den erstaunlichen Preisen für Klingeltöne, die offenbar widerstandslos bezahlt werden im Telegraph: "The jingle is replacing the single as the cultural artefact most associated with youthful peer group identity, reducing pop songs to an immediately identifiable refrain broadcast to anyone unfortunate enough to be standing in proximity to the offending phone."

Nachtrag zu Apples Aufholjagd im Markt der Media Player: "When a 3G-enabled cell phone captures video, it does so using the MPEG-4 standard -- when that video is sent to a users desktop to be played, it will automatically open up the QuickTime player, giving Apple a tremendous distribution network for its standards compliant software. Analysts agree that the 3G space is a good investment for Apple." Bei MacCentral.

John Gruber macht sich weiterhin Gedanken über Mac vs. Windows Sicherheit: "There are factors other than market share that have led to the remarkable paucity of security exploits on Mac OS X. Maybe it’s superior engineering by Apple’s engineers; maybe it’s something along the lines of my “Broken Windows” theory; maybe it’s just dumb luck. My guess is it’s a combination of those three, more or less in that order. But it’s something."

Pflichtprogramm Mail.Appetizer (einst hier im fscklog vorgestellt) hat sich zu Version 1.0rc3 entwickelt.
Das Benachrichtigungsfenster lässt sich jetzt in Größe und Schrift anpassen, Absenderbild aus dem Adressbuch wird angezeigt, usw. und ist damit noch unabdingbarerer geworden als bisher schon. 244KB, ab 10.3 .

Die Freeware EasyWMA liegt in Version 2 vor: "EasyWMA allows you to convert wma audio files to mp3 so that you can play your favorite songs in iTunes or any other player on your Mac."

Knowledge Base Mini FAQ zum System Migration Assistenten (erste Erfahrungsberichte klangen äußerst positiv) in den neuen Power Macs: "Can I use Setup Assistant to copy data to a computer that came with an earlier version of Mac OS X? No, this version of Setup Assistant only works with the computer it came with. However, you can copy data from a dizzying array of older computers if they have a FireWire port and Mac OS X v10.1 or later."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
06/13 Alexander the Great dies (323BC)
(So geht das).

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