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Xserve G5 auf dem Weg zum Kunden

Es hat dann doch mal wieder etwas länger gedauert, nun wird der (bzw. vorerst die Einzel-Prozessor Variante des) Xserve G5 laut Apples Pressemeldung endlich ausgeliefert:
"Apple today announced it has begun shipping its Xserve G5, the most powerful Xserve yet, to customers. With unparalleled performance and manageability, Xserve G5 delivers over 30 gigaflops of processing power per system -about 60 percent more than the PowerPC G4 based Xserve- in a 1U rack-mount enclosure.
“Xserve G5 is a big hit with customers who want a powerful 1U rack-mount server for thousands of dollars less than alternatives from Dell, IBM and Sun,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “With dual G5 processing power, massive storage, incredible I/O performance and Apple’s Mac OS X Server software included, Xserve G5 is affordable, easy to manage and easy to cluster.”

Und ein wenig mehr speziell für die Bioinformatiker:
"Apple has also introduced the Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics, a turnkey, high-performance computing cluster that allows any scientist to configure, operate and maintain the system. The workgroup cluster solution offers outstanding price-performance with unrivaled ease of setup and includes iNquiry, a 3rd-party bioinformatics package from The BioTeam that provides 200 ready-to-use bioinformatics applications optimized for Apple's industry-leading Xserve G5. Installation and maintenance have also been greatly simplified so little or no IT support is required."

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Starkes Wachstum bei IBM durch G5

The Reg veröffentlichte einige Zahlen zum aktuellen Markt der Prozessoren, dabei besonders erfreulich:
"IBM demonstrated the fastest growth. It saw its business grow 160 per cent.
Big Blue's 2003 sales hit $520m, largely thanks to its PowerPC 970 supply deal with Apple, which calls the chip the G5. The G5 helped IBM grab two per cent of the processor market."

Hier die Tabelle zum Schnellüberblick:

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MacOrama für den 23. März 2004

Für Apples NAB Special Event am 18.04. wurde schon über die Vorstellung von Shake 3.5 gemunkelt, AppleInsider liefert nun die Details:
"Shake 3.5, as the company plans to call it, will boast new Warper and Morpher nodes along with improvements to playback caching, shape drawing, QuickTime integration and more, sources said."

Der Gürtelclip des iPod mini als praktisches Allzweckmittel, beschrieben im Blog der Macworld Redakteure:
"They say a resourceful handyman (or woman) can do anything with a roll of duct tape. I'm discovering that the white, plastic belt clip that ships with the iPod mini is similarly impressive. Using this versatile accessory, I've been able to use my mini -- safely -- in ways not officially sanctioned by Apple."
Z.B. zur Nutzung des mini im Dock seines großen Bruders.

Apple befindet sich auf Platz 301 unter Amerikas umsatzstärksten Unternehmen in der Fortune 500 Liste, die gnadenlos von Wal-Mart dominiert wird. MS belegt Platz 46, Dell Platz 3, HP Platz 11 und IBM die Nummer 9 .

Wachsendes Interesse an Apple aus Regierungskreisen, fcw.com ('your government IT resource') berichtet:
"The Senate has also been attacked by computer worms and viruses recently, but those attacks have all targeted Microsoft Corp. Windows users, so Kennedy's Apple-based office has been unaffected. Panther has proved more stable than the previous version of the OS, called Jaguar, suffering none of the dreaded kernel panics that occasionally afflicted Jaguar, Pole said.
"We've had tremendous interest from federal, state and local governments because of the security of a Unix foundation," said Ken Bereskin, director of Mac OS X product marketing. "Every aspect of the OS has been enhanced, from the drivers to the kernel."

Netter Tipp bei macosxhints für Leute, denen das Systemoptimieren nach Updates etwas zu lange dauert:
"Minimizing or hiding the Installer window drops its CPU usage to less than 1% and the Prebinding then gets about 80% of the CPU or so -- quite a difference! I am guessing the animated progress bar is sucking a lot of juice. My subsequent updates went much quicker than usual with the Installer hidden."

Fluglinie zum Abgewöhnen: Aer Lingus.
"Top of the list of verboten devices for business travellers are CD-Rom and DVD-Rom drives in laptops. Aer Lingus is the only major European or American carrier to impose a laser-controlled equipment ban.Why?[...]
And if you want to de-stress after a tough working trip by listening to your new digital music player (eg, iPod), sorry: the Irish national airline has banned them. Again, it is out on its own on this one. The news will dismay long-haul passengers as the devices are popular in helping to while away airborne hours."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
03/23 Pakistan Day in Pakistan

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iPhoto 4.0.1 Update

Per Softwareaktualisierung, 4 MB groß:
"iPhoto 4.0.1 includes many organizational and stability enhancements. Performance has also been increased throughout the application, giving you faster importing, smoother image viewing and easier Rendezvous photo sharing. This version of iPhoto also features improved thumbnail images in your photo library. To take advantage of this, your thumbnails must be upgraded, which may take a while, depending on the number of photos in your library."

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Angeblich Sony statt Apple für McDonald's Promo

Nach der Bekanntgabe des Pepsi iTunes Deal, sprudelte im vergangenen November die Gerüchteküche (in erster Linie die New York Post) über eine mögliche McDonald's iTunes Promotion, in deren Rahmen angeblich 1 Milliarde Songs kostenlos an die Kunden gehen sollten. Nun berichtet die LA Times (kostenlose Reg. erforderlich), dass Sony in letzter Minute den gerüchteten Deal zwischen Apple und McDonald's verhindern konnte und sich selbst stattdessen als Burger-Musik-Download Partner platzierte:
"The two companies have been hammering out the details of a pact in which McDonald's would provide fast-food diners with free songs from Sony's online music store, Sony Connect, these people said. The deal is expected to be announced this week.[...]
One person familiar with the McDonald's deal said the fast-food company would probably give away more than 100 million Sony Connect songs in the U.S."

Sony will mit seinem Connect Store bereits im Juni Richtung Europa marschieren und Microsoft beginnt ebenfalls langsam seine Fühler in Richtung Online-Musik-Markt auszustrecken:
"Microsoft said on Friday that the second half of the year will see the launch of its online music store, a long-expected entry into an increasingly crowded business dominated by Apple Computer's iTunes.
The software giant this week began offering sneak peaks of the service to independent record labels at the South by Southwest trade show in Austin, Texas. Though Microsoft remains mum about specific details, this week's show signals the company's heightened ambitions to enter the world of online music sales with a bang."

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MacOrama für den 22. März 2004

5 Jahre MacGuardians. Das ging schnell. Herzlichen Dank für die grandiose Lektüre!

Vergangen Woche wurde Quasi-offiziell, dass auf der WWDC 10.4 zu sehen sein wird, MacCentral schiebt noch ein paar Infos zur Konferenz hinterher:
"Apple Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations Ron Okamoto told MacCentral in a recent interview that this year's developer conference would have a few changes from previous years. At WWDC 2004, more emphasis will be placed on three areas of development that haven't had a strong presence at previous conferences: Enterprise IT, Science and QuickTime Development."

Die MontagsGerüchteKüche:
Die Hardware-Hoffnungen ruhen auf morgen oder dem darauf folgenden Dienstag.
Außerdem werkeln BMW und Apple angeblich zusammen:
"Audio system will finally have CD/MP3 capable playback and an interface connection to 'ipod-like' devices... we've even hearing rumblings out of Palo Alto Technology office regarding a potential deal in the works with Apple."

Der US Bundesstaat Maine dürfte bald wirklich komplett von iBooks geflutet sein:
"Officials have estimated the program will cost $3 million to start and cost an additional $900,000 a year to maintain. Thornton is negotiating with Apple Computer to determine whether it will lease or buy the computers."

Bei HighFidelityReview.com:
"The DVD Forum has chosen AAC for the DVD-ROM zone of DVD-Audio discs – the inclusion of a low-resolution (lossy) track suitable for solid-state and portable devices has long been championed by DVD-Audio figureheads such as Dolby’s John Kellogg as a way of enhancing the value of the format to all listeners, not just those interested in its high-resolution potential.
The selection of AAC came after a number of competing formats were proposed; they included MP3, ATRAC and Microsoft’s WMA. Additional formats, such as Vorbis Ogg for example, were not put forward for consideration."

Außerdem (Halb-)Wissenswertes aus dem Terminal - heute:
03/22 Abolition Day in Puerto Rico

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Die versteckten Neuerungen in 10.3.3

Neben der offensichtlichen Verbesserung der Netzwerkfunktionalität unter 10.3.3 und zahlreichen weiteren kleineren Fortschritten, lief das Update bei der Mehrzahl der Anwender glücklicherweise sehr problemlos ab. Zusätzlich gab es die ein oder andere versteckte Neuigkeit, so z.B. die Möglichkeit für i/PowerBook Besitzer, die F-Tasten endlich in 'normaler' Weise benutzen zu können, ohne auf Dritt-Software zurückzugreifen. Dafür findet sich neuerdings in den Systemeinstellungen unter Tastatur&Maus die entsprechende Option:


Außerdem ist der Batterie-Statusbalken für Bluetooth Eingabegeräte nun grün und ordentlich segmentiert:

(gefunden im Apfeltalk-Forum)

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